Why Owens Corning Contractors Bring Big Roofing Results

Why Owens Corning Contractors Bring Big Roofing Results

Your roof is more than just the design element that tops your home, it’s the key building component that shields the entire structure, your family and belongings from all kinds of weather. This makes it paramount that you pick a skilled, dependable installer and a durable, high-quality material to get big results when your roof needs replacement. Choosing Owens Corning can give you these results, and here’s why:

You’re Partnering With an Industry Leader and Innovator

Since its founding in 1938, Owens Corning has built a well-deserved reputation for its innovative products. In fact, the company’s development of patented Fiberglas ™ and the first fiberglass-backed shingle in the 1960s completely transformed the roofing industry. More recently, Owens Corning’s Sure Nail technology has revolutionized how shingles are attached and set a new standard for durability and wind resistance.

You’ll Have an Array of Quality Products to Choose From

With their dedication to research and continual improvement in roofing technology, it shouldn’t be surprising that the Owens Corning brand also crafts durable and attractive shingles in a wide range of beautiful colors and profiles. Whether you’re looking for a basic three-tab or a designer dimensional shingle, an Energy Star-certified product, or one that’s highly-rated for wind, fire or impact resistance, you’ll find a quality-tested Owens Corning shingle that perfectly suits your needs and budget.

You’re Getting the Cream of the Crop of Installers

Owens Corning knows that the long-term performance of their roofing products depends on skilled installation, so they award Platinum Preferred credentials to hand-picked roofing contractors who meet rigorous qualification criteria. To represent this trusted brand, an installer also has to meet the manufacturer’s strict standards for customer care and sound business practices. All this gives you the assurance that certified Owens Corning roofing contractors in Minneapolis are the cream of the crop.

You Can Opt for a Superb Extended Warranty

Since installation quality directly affects how well a roof performs, Owens Corning only offers their best warranties through their certified contractors. This can allow you to have the greatest-possible peace of mind when you choose outstanding roofing products, manufacturer-certified installation and then add a platinum protection roof system warranty that gives you up to a lifetime of workmanship and material coverage.

If you’d like to achieve big results from your investment in a new roof, contact us today at Midwest Exteriors Plus, your certified Owens Corning roofing contractors in Minneapolis.

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