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The SGC roofing, Louisville ky - Process explained.

What do we base our process on?


SkyGuard is a safety-focused Louisville roofing contractor. There is a thought process that goes into how safely the project can be carried out.

High-quality work

Every one of SkyGuard’s personnel is at your service. We work as a team to support your roofing and home improvement needs. We also stand by our work as they work with precision.


We streamline each part of the project to fall in sync and resolve any issue swiftly. The key here is that we work consistently from step one till the end.


We adhere to timelines as we understand the cruciality of time that is involved while working on your roof. We are punctual people at SkyGuard!

Customer service

We hold a 100% customer satisfaction status in Louisville roofing. We thoroughly believe in being transparent to our customers and providing our insights from the beginning to the end. Our motive is to place you in the rider’s seat, with us steering you in the right direction.

Industry standards

We follow the industry norms for all the projects that we undertake. Each project goes through a series of verification levels to guarantee that the best of the do are adopted.

Smooth communications

We want to work in collaboration with you. Each day of our schedule would be announced to you. Our project manager will be in touch if you need any detail or clarifications regarding the project.

Workmen checklists

All our roofers are tasked to complete checklists to double and triple check on the completed pieces of work. Everyday safety audits are conducted as well, for personnel and the work-in-progress.

Best products & technology

We have the utmost respect from leading manufacturers in the industry. All our certified products are from the best manufacturers and suppliers, such as Owens Corning and GAF. We use the latest technology to ensure that we provide the most suited solution to your roofing and home improvement problems.

Eco-friendly work

Apart from providing green roofing, we are also keen on incorporating energy-efficient measures every step of the way. We take the excess products, recycle them or reuse them in the next project. We never want to add up to the land piles.

Step-by-step process:

With our experience, we’ve come to know that a standard planning system is what drives results. Here’s the dissection of our standard process:

Step 1

Prompt Response by Trained Professionals.
As one of the most trusted roofing contractors in Louisville, SkyGuard holds the fastest-response rate. Once you reach us for a roofing emergency, we will be at your doorstep.

Step 2

First Inspection, our job consists of the following steps


Our trained personnel inspect the problematic areas and evaluate the level of emergency.


We document all the information that we gather during our initial evaluation and brief you on it.


We set up a meeting with you to explain, discuss and come to a conclusion on the solution plan. Project planning is also done in this stage. Plans include project management plans, site-safety plans, shift plans, timeliness, quality, and material plans and communications plans.


We guide to choose the right materials and budgets that are best suited for your home needs.

Step 3

Streamline the Contract process and/or Insurance process to ensure our clients are obtaining the maximum value for their dollars and are fully indemnified by insurance for all losses.

Step 4

Build/install with superior proven products and the latest technologies with the most skilled craftsmen in the industry.

Step 5

Undertake regular inspections and audits of the work-in-progress. If any problem may arise, work in collaboration with you to decide on a prudent solution.

Step 6

Complete and thorough checking and rechecking of the finished product to ensure if all the requirements have been met.

Step 7

Fully warrant and protect our clients for the future with the most extended warranty periods in the Louisville roofing industry.

Step 8

Lifetime support.

For free, no-obligation roof inspection and estimation

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