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Strongest sidings by SkyGuard, the best Louisville Siding Contractors.

Want to spruce up the exterior of your home for a house flip or completely replace it with a brand new one? You belong with us! Skyguard general, one of the pioneers in Roofing Louisville KY offers durable and aesthetically-pleasing residential, commercial and industrial sidings.

We are manufacturer preferred installers for roofing and siding in the greater Kentuckiana region. We house extremely talented siding installers who value quality and appeal of your siding, solely. Our siding process is simple yet seasoned. We offer customized sidings designs to any type of building.

You need quality sidings because they make your building impervious to water & they resist insects or any external forces. Moreover, they eliminate the constant need for painting your home.

Damaged siding can result in numerous resources being wasted. Here are few signs that point if you need a new siding:

  • Cracked and warped siding would be noticeable during your regular checks or cleanings. One damaged area can be easily repaired but if you notice multiple cracked or warped spots then the entire siding system should be replaced.
  • Dry rot is a category of fungus that can cause infiltration on wood mainly due to the seeping in of moisture into the house. It can lead to heavy structural damage. Dry rot is difficult to notice. It can escape by your naked eye at times. Check by tapping on the siding to find out if there is any hiding dry rot.

SkyGuard’s Sidings are:


Our siding materials make your home cooler in the summers. They come with R-value which is the measure of energy-efficiency of the siding. Based on the R-value you can identify the thermal insulation you need. Greater the R-value lesser the thermal insulation you need. This, in turn, saves energy, saves bills. We suggest to you the sidings with the best R-value.


Sidings such as vinyl and fiber cement are sturdy. They are heat-resistant, dent-resistant and can bear any extreme weather conditions. They can also withstand warping, insect infestation, splitting or rotting. Vinyl sidings are one of the most laid sidings by us. It is our go-to siding for homes in Louisville.


If you're looking to upsell your home or to rent it, the first look is everything. Investing in sidings is going to be the most prudent thing to do. It can drastically increase the value of the building. Also, there are plenty of robust siding materials available at affordable pricing.

Valuable/ maintenance-free for life

We offer sidings that don't require any maintenance. Our vinyl siding is one of the best in the market. It can withstand any external pressure. In fact, it takes just minutes to clean it.

Made to withstand the elements

We take pride in providing the best quality siding in Louisville that can resist all kinds of elements. Our fiber cement and vinyl sidings can sustain moisture and other extreme conditions.

We use the most promising siding materials in the market.

Our durable sidings come in versatile materials, shapes, textures, and colors. We help you pick the best siding material that would fit your budget and the architecture of your building.

Call us to learn more about the status of the sidings at your home or to know more about sidings in general. We are right here in Louisville and can assess any and all of your sidings related queries.

Benefits of siding:

Siding protects your building from the elements and can instantly enrich the beauty of your home. With a professional siding, service comes an abundance of perks like:

  • Damage resistance
  • Beautiful exterior
  • Increased curb appeal
  • Noise resistance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Impact resistance
  • Adequate ventilation

Types of sidings we offer:

Vinyl Siding Contractors

Vinyl sidings are the most preferred siding choice of Louisville. Nearly half of Louisville, KY enquire to us about vinyl sidings. This is because vinyl comes in numerous colors, textures, and shades. It even comes in wood texture, yes, wood texture. Moreover, vinyl is durable and can withstand any element. You will only be spending a minimum of time cleaning it. Choose from the 100s of colors and styles that we have on our vinyl siding catalog and bring your home to the peak of its beauty.

Major benefits of vinyl siding:

  • Affordable costing
  • Variety
  • It can be installed both horizontally and vertically
  • Low maintenance
  • Long warranty period

Fibre cement sidings:

Similar to vinyl, fiber cement is a mixture of wood cellulose fibers, sand, water, and cement. It is a man-made product designed to mimic the wood sidings. The main pro of fiber cement is it looks almost like wood but is more cost-effective and easy to maintain. It can be made to look like stone, wood, and brick. Fibre cement costs less than other siding materials.

Why choose fiber cement siding?

  • Gives that satisfaction of having a similar-to-wood texture installed at your home.
  • With class 1A fire rating, it is incredibly fire-resistant.
  • With our esteemed manufactures, fiber cement siding can last for a lifetime.
  • There are 100s of varieties you can choose from.
  • Protects from all external forces.
  • Insect infestation resistance.

T-11 Wood Siding

T-11 wood as a siding material is the most sturdy and lost-lasting choice for the building. This particular material gives the traditional and authentic look of wood while chucking out issues such as maintenance due to moisture.

Cedar lap sidings

Cedar lap sidings are preferred by huge architectures such as luxury cottages and bungalows. With proper maintenance, they last many years.

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SkyGuard is a City of Louisville Siding Contractors Licensed roofing, siding, and other home improvement contractor. Looking to amp up the exterior of your home or give your business office a sleek appeal? SkyGuard is the leading provider in Louisville. Our first-quality products, professional approach and our family of satisfied customers stand witness to that.

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